Chapter 90 - Matt C. White - Dead Seconds/Grandpa Jack/Realizer


Before we get rolling, we need to offer a big apology to our guest. The first half of this chapter has some particularly gnarly audio. That's what you get for recording outside, in Brooklyn, in a helicopter route, next to a produce truck, on a very windy day.

As it is, our guest for this chapter is Matt C. White, who you probably know from his outfits Dead Seconds, Grandpa Jack and Realizer, as well as his solo albums. Over beers, Matt and Dylan bond over Mastodon bonding over Thin Lizzy, weird Clutch shows, trading half a Quiznos sub for a burned copy of Nevermind, if they actually learned anything from their parents during the 90s, Misfits>Kiss, how stumbling into the NY doom scene was a pure happy accident, awkward closing tracks, being occult-lite, and weird metal covers.

Matt's next solo release, Creepshow Peepshow: Act II will be dropping in September. The track featured here is the first single, "Mr. Bloody Bones."

You can support Matt over at his Bandcamp page and also be sure to checkout the pages for Dead Seconds, Grandpa Jack, and Realizer.

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