Aug 18, 2022

Chapter 137 - Diary Deep Dive Ep. 1 - Sourvein

No new chapter this week; instead, Diary of Doom is putting out one of its previously Patreon-exclusive episodes in which Dylan delves into the deeper catalogs of doom, stoner, and sludge bands that aren't Electric Wizard, Sleep, or Eyehategod. We've got a few more of these that we will be putting out over the coming months and hope to do more down the line.

From the original post:

The first deep dive chapter chronicles the discography of Cape Fear sludge band, Sourvein. Dylan and frequent guest, August West, dissect the band from their dirty southern roots to their current aqua-sludge themes.

Albums covered:

Sourvein (2000)

Will to Mandle (2002)

Emerald Vulture (2005)

Ghetto Angel (2008)

Imperial Bastard (2008)

Black Fangs (2011)

Aquatic Occult (2016)


This episode was originally released on Jan. 1, 2022.

Aug 11, 2022

Chapter 136 - Dean Rispler

Dean Rispler has been involved in crafting and playing music for over 30 years, but even to this day, he remains a fan above all. In addition to hosting and producing Gimme Metal, he's played or worked with bands such as Witch Taint, The Dictators, The Brought Low, Mighty High, and in his free time likes to collect records that he may not actually have the time to listen to. During his chat with Dylan, Dean talks about loving the oldies, hating the 90s, how Ozzy and Pink Floyd "ruined his life", recruiting his friends to occupy record stores, being an EXTREME but self-aware vinyl addict, listening ears vs. production ears, and producing Ross the Boss' show on Gimme Radio.

You can check out Dean on Gimme Radio every other Thursday at 5 PM EST, 2 PM PST, 11 PM CET.

Aug 4, 2022

Chapter 135 - Netherlands

Diary of Doom is back! After a brief pilgrimage to parts unknown (read: the couch), Dylan is back at it again and he's brought along a trve mad scientist for the return episode: Timo Ellis of the experimental noise sludge act, Netherlands. Timo's been in the music game for a long time now, with many releases under his own name and countless collaborative projects. Recorded at his studio, The Meadow, Timo elaborates on audience reactions to their first Netherlands set, playing with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, why space colonization is whack, how he feels about getting to share the stage with his idols, and playing the game of eternal distractions that is social media.

Support Netherlands and all of Timo's other projects which you can find at his website.

Track featured is "So Sick" off of Netherlands' upcoming album, Kali Corvette, dropping on September 9th!

Jul 7, 2022

Chapter 134 - Maryland Deathfest 2022 Recap

Extreme B.O. Short biker dudes picking fights. Italian horror film composers. Circle pit cunnilingus. Cat puke. These were just some of the things Dylan experienced while attending what will probably be the last Maryland Deathfest. At least for a while.

Diary of Doom briefly rears its ugly head from its respite as Dylan recounts his journey into darkness and grime to Nathan from I Hope You Suffer, who also attended MDF in years past.

Trigger Warning: We do discuss suicide in this episode per the tragic event that occurred at the festival. If you would like to further support the family during this time, you can do so at their GoFundMe.

Track featured at the top of the episode is "Inner Paths (to Outer Space)" by Blood Incantation off their album Hidden History of the Human Race and the track featured at the close is "Mystery's Apotheosis/City of the Living Dead Theme" by Fabio Frizzi as performed by Frizzi 2 Fulci. Music featured throughout includes Yautja, Primitive Man, Frizzi 2 Fulci, Atheist, Suffocation, Obituary, Enforced, Cerebral Rot, November's Doom, Cancer, Coroner, Autopsy, Triptykon, Blood Incantation, and Triumph of Death.

May 26, 2022

Chapter 133 - Wo Fat

After a Desertfest NYC recap with August West, Dylan dives into his chat with Kent Stump of Texas' Wo Fat. Beyond being riff master general in the band, Kent is also a studio engineer, having recorded everything from stoner metal to show tunes and classical guitar. In addition to the ups and downs of touring life versus studio life, we also chat about Blues Manchu, the legacy of, what it's like having a second guitarist again, seeing stoner rock go global, if he's been feeling The Singularity in the studio, and writing a song for an RPG.

Support Wo Fat

The track featured during the DF NYC recap is "Samhain Dawn" by Mother Iron Horse off their album, Under the Blood Moon, and the track featured at the end is "The Snows of Banquo IV" by Wo Fat off their new album, The Singularity, available now!

As of this episode, Diary of Doom will be going on hiatus. Long story short, I've been dealing with burnout, lack of a secure job, creative ruts, and depression. There is a much more detailed explanation at the tail-end of the episode. All that combined is resulting in me not putting in the 100% I should be doing and that's just not fair to the listeners and the guests. So with that said, consider this the season finale of the first season of DOD, all 133+ episodes of it. Thank you again to all of the guests, listeners, and folks who helped out, wouldn't be anywhere without either of you. I'll see you all in a little bit!

May 19, 2022

Chapter 132 - David D’Andrea

There are few artists who are capable of rendering an image that channels both the weight of heavy metal and the beauty of religious mysticism and nature. If there were one to be defined by this gift, it would be David D'Andrea. Alongside fellow artists Brian Mercer, Santos, and Arik Roper, he has helped define the iconography of Sleep and OM through his studio, Samaritan Press, and also lent his talents to countless other bands, including Dinosaur Jr., The Jesus Lizard, Arthur Brown, Queens of the Stone Age, Windhand, and Triptykon. In this chapter, David speaks about his early days in punk and skate zine culture and his artistic process from pen and ink to digital and print, as well as knowing exactly what works for a band stylistically, Vedanta symbols, 80's photocopiers, the difficulty of fonts, navigating festival commissions, and his third-entity creation with Jondix: The Astral Mind.

You can find David's work at his website, Samaritan Press.

*Note: There is some unfortunate static through most of the first 30 or so minutes. Apologies for that!

May 12, 2022

Chapter 131 - Cowards & Thieves

Cowards & Thieves dial in from the literal road for a chat with Dylan in anticipation of their album release on Friday the 13th (ch ch ch, ah ah ah...). Chip and Stefan manage to power through some questionable venue Wi-Fi to talk about the band and turning their debut EP into a short film as well as the bird sound at the end of "Layla", if you're an old head if you went to Ozzfest, pop punk cover sets, legal wedding parties, and why "Desperado" is the saddest song ever.

You can preorder Cowards & Thieve's LP, Dedicated to Dead People, on their Big Cartel and also check out their Bandcamp.

Track featured is "Desirous" off of Dedicated to Dead People out May 13th.

May 5, 2022

Chapter 130 - The Tinfoil Biter

Brandishing perhaps the greatest handle in photography history, Dylan sits down with Tomoko Inoue, perhaps better known by her moniker, The Tinfoil Biter, to delve into her history as a concert photographer. A chance opportunity to photograph Down while in Japan opened the gate and her dynamic shots have highlighted the already heavy presence of such artists as Crowbar, High on Fire, Child Bite, Weedeater, and Osees. We go through some select sets of her photos while also touching on the highs and lows of living in Michigan in the 90s, how drawing lead her to photography, the dreaded purple light, knowing when to put the camera down, and randomly becoming acquainted with Henry Wilson from Floor*.

You can check out more of Tomoko's photography over at her website.

*NOTE: There was a slip of the tongue and we meant to say Henry WILSON of Floor. Mr. Vasquez is correctly from Saint Vitus, not Floor. Our bad!

Apr 28, 2022

Chapter 129 - Bog Wizard

We're taking a trip to the bog for this week's chapter. After a quick chat with our weed field correspondent, August West, about heading out to Colorado to see Sleep after their hibernation period, we jump right into our chat with Harlen Linke from Bog Wizard. When he's not pounding the drums, Harlen is crushing it as a video game designer for games like Team Fortress 2. More importantly, Bog Wizard and UK doom eccentric Froglord have a new split out. Dylan and Harlen get into how they managed to produce that split and their earlier one with previous guest Dust Lord as well as abandoned high school bands, committing to mispronunciations, the Satanic Panic over DnD, video game artist collabs, and the most metal tabletop game ever, MÖRK BORG

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Track featured is "Reptilian Death Squad" off of Bog Wizard vs. Froglord: A Frog in the Bog

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Apr 21, 2022

Chapter 128 - Steak

DOD takes its first trip across the pond to the UK for the first time to feature the band with the greatest name ever queried from the internet: Steak. For anyone who has been following the stoner and desert rock scene for a while, you're probably familiar with fellow member Reece's little pet project, DesertFest. Kip and Cam phone in to talk about not just their recently released album, but also the coinciding short film, Mad Lord. And the comic book. And the action figures (just kidding, none of those YET). All that plus snowboarding to Queens of the Stone Age, preferred cuts of the cow, working titles for songs about custard, boozer rock, drinking Elephant Tree under the table, and US culture shock.

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Track featured is "Mono" from Acute Mania, which is available now!

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