Chapter 132 - David D’Andrea


There are few artists who are capable of rendering an image that channels both the weight of heavy metal and the beauty of religious mysticism and nature. If there were one to be defined by this gift, it would be David D'Andrea. Alongside fellow artists Brian Mercer, Santos, and Arik Roper, he has helped define the iconography of Sleep and OM through his studio, Samaritan Press, and also lent his talents to countless other bands, including Dinosaur Jr., The Jesus Lizard, Arthur Brown, Queens of the Stone Age, Windhand, and Triptykon. In this chapter, David speaks about his early days in punk and skate zine culture and his artistic process from pen and ink to digital and print, as well as knowing exactly what works for a band stylistically, Vedanta symbols, 80's photocopiers, the difficulty of fonts, navigating festival commissions, and his third-entity creation with Jondix: The Astral Mind.

You can find David's work at his website, Samaritan Press.

*Note: There is some unfortunate static through most of the first 30 or so minutes. Apologies for that!

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